It got its name after the red stripe directly behind its eyes and the way of how it slides into the water. Red eared slider is semi aquatic turtle which you can find in areas with fresh, peaceful and warm water source, for instance ponds, wetlands, streams and lakes. Most important meal source for these particular turtles is water plant life. Those turtles are quite fast swimmers.

This particular species is widespread species of turtles on this planet. There are various coloration morphs of the red eared slider turtle for instance albino, pastel and also leucistic.
Native environment
Normaly within U.S. it is possible to discover red eared slider turtle any where from Illinois to the Gulf of Mexico, along with the East Coast to western Texas. They will thrive in warmer environments, particularly the Southeast quadrant of america. The pet industry has expanded their range worldwide, frequently at the cost of native terrapins. Therefore, it is easy to locate red eared slider in suitable environments anywhere around the world.

The natural habitat will normally have a couple of requirements such as a water source, basking spot, correct plants and an area to nest. Water source should be calm, warm and quiet. Now there needs to be rocks to offer basking location. A muddy as well as soft bottom is preferred.

Young red ear sliders will feed on smaller sized prey for example fish, snails and also bugs as well as gradually focus on plant material. Adults diet is a lot of plant material. The environment is generally limited to area surrounding the water source. Turtles won't move far from freshwater environment.

Red Ear Slider Physiology
Shell of the turtle is split to top section and bottom section. Male use very long front claws for courtship as well as territorial confrontation. The claws of captive Red eared Slider are actually sharp and might very easily scratch skin.
Red ear turtles possess sharp beaks. Beaks are used to cut flesh and eat plants. Without teeth in order to break down food, they have adaptable throats to be able to eat huge bits of foods. When eating, these turtles have to be in water in order to swallow meals. If they discover food on land, they are going to carry it back to water to eat it.

Size of Red Ear Slider
They grow to 12 inches. In US. Is against the law to market red ear sliders which are smaller than 4 inches. Size cannot reliably reveal age. Turtles in captivity grow at much faster rate. This is usually result of over-feeding. Over-feeding can cause sickness.

Turtle Sexual Differences
Red ears in captivity usually get to sexual maturity between Two and 4 years of age. In the wilderness females develop fully until five and seven years of age. Males possess longer tails and really long claws, however females are usually bigger than males. Typically the cloacal opening on female Red-eared Sliders will not expand past the edge of the actual shell.

Red Ear Slider Turtle Color
Red ear sliders have green skin color with yellow-colored lines. A patch of red behind each eye gives the Red-eared slider turtle its typical name, although some sliders could be lacking this coloration. A few turtles may also have got a little spot of red on the top of their own heads.

Red Ear Slider Life-span
They can surpass 70 years.With proper home along with diet conditions, captive Red ear Slider turtles will survive for much longer when compared with their own wild counterparts.

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