What exactly are sea turtles?
Sea turtles live in the sea. Sea turtles are regarded as the ancient creatures of the world. It is actually believed that sea turtles exists for a lot more than 100 million years.

Sea Turtles World wide
Sea turtles can be found in every sea throughout the world. Only exception is a icy Artic sea. Generally sea turtles are found in warm as well as shallow costal locations.

How are sea turtles different from land turtles?
Sea turtles have flippers instead of legs and shells streamlined for improved swimming. Sea turtles can remain with no oxygen for five hrs. Sea turtles are not able to withdraw their own heads and flippers such as land turtles can. So they are definitely more vulnerable to potential predators.

Sea Turtle Eating habits
Sea turtle eating habits varies from species to species. However in general they consume shrimps, crabs, plankton, seaweeds as well as ocean sponges.

Sea turtle details for the children:
Sea turtles can grow up to 2 m in total length.
Age of 80 years or even more is common for those sea turtles.
The largest sea turtles can easily weight more than three hundred kilograms.
For better diving, sea turtles have got streamlined shell.
Colors of sea turtles vary according to the specie. They usually are green, black, yellow...
Five hrs is a period of time sea turtles can be under water. Eating period is aprox. five minutes
In order to stay under water for so long, sea turtles slow their own pulse rate and therefore control oxygen consumption.
One of the intriguing sea turtle facts for kids is the fact that sea turtles migrates for lengthy distances which can be close to 1400 miles between the beaches they live and the feeding place.
It truly is sad to say that sea turtles are endangered species.

Baby sea turtle hatchlings
Due to the fact sea turtles live mainly underwater, it's challenging to understand their behaviour pattern. The knowledge of the habits can be gathered from that of the female sea turtle hatching observation. Female turtles come to the coast to be able to dig a nesting in which they bury eggs. Right after hatching from the eggs, a new baby turtle quickly makes its way to the water. Sea turtle lays close to 70 to 200 eggs. From march to october sea turtles will be in the mating time.


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