Our seas are home to seven completely different sea turtle species. Almost all of these species are on the endangered list. Humans as well as their greed have brought sea turtle numbers alarmingly low.

Even though sea turtles are marine creatures, they still need air to breath. Including the smallest Kemp's Ridley and the huge leatherback turtles.
Turtles spend by far the most part of their existence inside the ocean. When nesting, females arrive ashore to lay down eggs. That mostly occurs just about every two to five years. When hatchlings leave the eggs they go strait in to the sea. The juveniles will spend their initial years in open seas and will at some point go to estuaries, bays and close by shore waters. With all the predators on the quest to adult hood, only small number of these young turtles are able to survive.

Every ocean could have some turtles. Sea turtles usually nest in warm places like tropical or subtropical beaches. When nesting, sea turtles are able to migrate extended distances. Lets just examine loggerhead sea turtles. This specific specie tends to nest in Japan. As soon as they lay eggs, they journey all the way up to South america. All that to seek out food. Leatherback sea turtles can be found traveling from Chile to Alaska.

Sea turtle diet is different from species to species. Jellyfish and soft bodied animals are the major diet for leatherback sea turtles. Green sea turtles don't like meat and alternatively eat sea grasses. A variety of clams and crabs are main food intake for loggerhead sea turtles. While hawksbills typically eat spongy creatures.

The major danger to turtles arises from humans. Since hundred millions years sea turtles populate waters of our world. Sea turtles outlasted dinosaurs, but are currently facing extinction. Lots of turtles die yearly - hunted or tangled in fishing nets. More and more turtles environment has been destroyed by the people.
Protected turtle nest.

When they are captured in angling nets or on long lines, they sink. While we humans expand our own environment, we ruin the one from turtles.

Plastic bags present a risk. Plastic-type bags will often be eaten by sea turtles since these bags mimic jellyfish. And that might be lethal for the turtle.

It is heartbreaking to find such astonishing creatures near extinction. Yet people still have a chance to fix our own faults. Various persons are trying to save turtles. Contribute to save sea turtles.

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